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Note: The American Ski Odyssey program is an exclusive annual benefit for members of the American Cross Country Skiers association. Join AXCS today to enjoy a wealth of benefits like the Odyssey program!

American Ski Odyssey Wall of Fame

Gold Masters

Doug Berg (Minnesota)      John Koski (Michigan)

Offering the domestic equivalent of the Worldloppet Passport and WL Gold/Silver Master awards, the American Ski Odyssey is a fun way to encourage adult skiers of all abilities to participate in as many different American Ski Marathon Series events as possible over whatever time frame you choose (1 season or 50!).

Just like the worldwide loppet series, the Odyssey recognizes skiers that complete at least 10 different full (Gold) or half (Silver) distance ASM Series races. There is no time limit for fulfilling this challenge. Full races can combined with half distances for the Silver recognition. Placing is never factored...just participation and completion of the required number of events.

The AXCS Office has a limited supply of our original American Ski Odyssey "passports" available to current AXCS members for just $5 (to cover postage/printing) upon request. The passport is no longer a requirement for recognition of a completed Odyssey -- but it can be used a fun memento or diary of your ski adventures.

The AXCS can stamp a passport to recognize any previously completed ASM Series events. For upcoming events you can ask each individual race office for a stamp, sticker, or official signature once you've completed each event. OR -- the really easy system is just to keep running diary.

Once you complete the Odyssey goal of 10 full or half marathons, you simply contact the AXCS Office and we'll happily put you up our American Ski Odyssey on-line "Wall of Fame". The only provision is that you must be a current AXCS member at the time of recognition.

Get out there and begin your American Ski Odyssey today!